Ethiopia Washed


According to legend, coffee was discovered by shepherds on the Ethiopian plateau in the sixth century, so the country was called “ Coffee Eden”.  Coffee is grown in almost all parts of the country and the quality is good, the export value is more than half of the nation’s GDP, which is an important crop.  However, in order to pursue greater economic benefits and respond to the constant increasing demand, it is not uncommon to open up by de-forestation and abandon the traditional shade cultivation method to increase the production. It makes the soil and water resource no longer be protected, birds habitats have shrunk, insect pests have intensified, and the dependence of chemical has become more and more, under this vicious cycle, coffee has become one of the perpetrators of the rainforest disappearing.  The Rainforest Alliance evaluates benchmarks for farms, pesticides, ecology, waste and farming practices, to ensure the benefit is using for animal protection and labor life improvement in tropical rainforests. Nowadays, coffee is a instantly wonderful experience, but no one wants to let the ecology suffering from this enjoyment. Seeking a longer term balance requires everyone to pay attention to this issue, supporting the certified product is the first step!

Flavor:Jasmine / Lime / Apricot / Apple / Walnut / Brown sugar