The World’s Finest Coffee


Catamona was founded in 1998. The name of Catamona is derived from Spanish which CATA means “Taste” while MONA means“ Wonderful ”. We hope through a good cup of coffee that everyone could experience a wonderful life.

Since Catamona was established, we have been continuously improving our competiveness and product’s quality. Catamona was a first fully-automatic coffee factory in Taiwan. In the meantime, coffee education center was established which continuous training our employee to receive international  certification. We expect to provide most well-round coffee services to our customers.

      Catamona  Advantage 

  • Top roaster equipment with rapid cooling technology
    Roast coffee’s temperature can be cool down to 36〜37℃ in one minute which the flavor of coffee can be completely preserved.
  • Nitrogen filling packaging
    throughout closed nitrogen-filled pipeline, keep product preserve and fresh
  • Secondary combustion device
    Secondary combustion device to avoid environmental pollution