About Catamona?

Catamona was founded in 1998. The name of Catamona is derived from Spanish which CATA means “Taste” while MONA means“ Wonderful ”. We hope through a good cup of coffee that everyone could experience a wonderful life.

Corporate Logo

"A blooming coffee flower” is our logo which represents company spiritual. We hope our coffee would enriches everyone’s life while this coffee dream will be last forever and passed on from generation to generation.

Is Catamona Provide the Customized Courses?

Yes,please contact to  +886-4-2258-7517 or Email to  catamona_online@catamona.com .

How to Receive the Discount Information?

Please add Catomona LINE@ or Facebook to follow up.

You can receive the VIP newsletter and get the latest coffee information.

About Green Beans?

Green beans  are import from different countries and Region and roasted in our own factory in Taiwan.

Fully-Automatic Coffee Factory?

Catamona is the coffee pioneer in Taiwan, We are Taiwan’s first fully-automatic coffee factory and the first coffee factory passed FSSC22000 in Taiwan. We always import top advanced technology and equipment to improve our competitiveness.

About Certification

Catamona is Taiwan’s first coffee factory passed FSSC 22000 in Taiwan.

Estate-Grown Coffee In Guatemala 

Catamona has an estate-grown coffee in Guatemala, we also import from different countries and region.

About Guatemala Coffee

The most suitable temperature for the healthy growth and abundant production of coffee in Guatemala is that of 16 to 32 °C (60 to 90 °F). In lands situated at an altitude of 500–700 metres (1,600–2,300 ft) above sea level, young plants must be shaded.

Geography and climate of Guatemala Coffee?

The area is very hilly, due to its proximity to the Western Rift Valley and the montane Nyungwe Forest, and features rich volcanic soils. The coffee is grown at altitudes between 1,700 and 2,100 metres (5,577–6,889 ft) above sea level, often on steep hillsides with terrace farming. The area experiences an average of 115 centimeters (45 in) of rainfall annually. The majority of this falls during the rainy season of March to May, the major coffee harvesting season. The high altitude lowers the temperature slightly to an average of about 20 °C (68 °F). There is little seasonal variation.


Any Recommended From Different Countries And Region? 

We also import from different countries and region. E.g:Yirgachefe, Alishan Organic and Specialty Coffee.

Product Diversity?

Catamona has many different products for our customers.E.g: Yirgachefe, Alishan Organic and Specialty Coffee.

Just like wine, the flavors that are ultimately tasted will vary according to the conditions of production at the time, and each region has its own unique flavor of the region. In the premium coffee bean series, Yirgacheffe and Alishan also have very charming and unique flavor.

About Blend?

Only Espresso is blend, Catamona also has many different single-origin coffee , organic and Specialty Coffee。


Catamona currently has 2 high-quality coffee beans with a high score of 92 points from the international coffee evaluation authority Coffee Review. For the Italian coffee, it is quite difficult to get such outstanding scores. We also limited edition coffee beans from domestic and international award winning batches. To receive the latest information, please join our Facebook or LINE@ to follow up.

About Roast

According to different items, the roaster will design different roasting degrees. For details, please refer to the shopping website description or product DM.

Lipid Migrant to Bean Surface 

It is normal for the surface of the roasted coffee beans to have grease, and it varies depending on the degree of roast.

About Package of Espresso?

There are half-pound, one-pound and two-pound packages to choose.

About Grinding

At present, there is no service for grinding coffee beans. Because the fineness of each grinder is different, it also needs to be used in conjunction with the coffee machine. The contact air after the coffee beans are ground will gradually lose the fragrance, and the taste period is also short. Wesuggest don't grind into powder at one time, please grind it when brewing. Or you can buy the company's new product 15g/26g nitrogen-filled fresh-keeping powder, and each cup is freshly ground.

Why Coffee Bag Are Swell?

It is normal for roasted coffee beans to continue to release carbon dioxide. The Catamona coffee bean packaging has a built-in "one-way breathable flap" that helps remove excess carbon dioxide from the bag. Catamona attaches great importance to the quality of goods. We use a pure aluminum foil bag that is thicker than the other brands, which can effectively block the light source and moisture, and achieve the effect of keeping the coffee beans fresh.

What Is Button (Valves) on the Coffee Bean Package? 

It is the patented packaging of coffee - one-way breathable flap button, because the coffee beans will be breathable after roast, so the coffee bean packaging will have a breathable button, so that the coffee can be kept fresh longer.

About Shelf Life?

The taste period is 1 year. After roast, Catamona's coffee beans use a high-tech rapid cooling system to instantly store the freshest aroma of coffee. As long as it is well preserved, please drink it as soon as possible.

Does the number on the packaging of Series of World travel have A Special meaning?

The world travel series is distinguished by the flavor of the coffee in the continent. The figures on the package represent the latitude and longitude of the capital of the main producing areas of the continent.

Series of Travel World's Bean?

Series of Travel World is blend, from different countries. E.g Asia (Green Package) is the  flavor of Asia,  

About Decaf Coffee

How low is the caffeine of low caffeine? Will there be no aroma?

We use the latest CO2 decaffeinate technology to remove more caffeine. After checking that the caffeine content is close to zero, you can enjoy the coffee without any burden.

Is It the Coffee From A Single Production Area of World Travel Series? 

World travel series are based on the theme of the continent, each continent will have 2-3 production areas, you can drink the special flavor of the continent.

What is Drip Bag Coffee?

Ground coffee is different than instant coffee. Every drip bag N.W.:10 g. 

Brewing Steps of Drip Bag Coffee

1. Tear coffee bag horizontally from the mark on the top.

2. hang up on the rim of the cup using the handy hooks on either side of the coffee bag.

3. Slowly pour 180c.c-200c.c of boiling water divided by 2-3 times, at the first of pouring. steep seconds, and 

   then pour the rest of the boiling water. ( please do not let ground coffee overflow!)

4. After you have poured all of the boiling water, drain bag, remove and enjoy your coffee.

    ( if you need heavy taste, after pouring, steep 30 seconds more.) 

* Only brewing one time.

Can Drip Bag Coffee Brew By Ice Water? 

Can Drip Bag Coffee brew by ice water? It is recommended to put 120 grams of ice cubes first, then brew with 120~150cc. hot water (90~96 degrees).

Is Ok for with Milk(Drip Bag Coffee) ?

It is recommended not to add milk. The design of drip bag coffee, from formula, roasting, grinding to filter paper, is to present a cup of fragrant black coffee. It is recommended to taste the original flavor. If it must be added, please add a small amount to retain the coffee concentration and aroma.

I Really Like Happy Afternoon, Is There Any Other Recommended Flavor?

If you like happy afternoon, I would recommend you to world travel of Asia and Africa, both of which are relatively strong. Asia will have a bit more bitterness and more intense; Africa has a strong flavor and a bit of aroma.

About Anytime Anywhere(Coffee Bag)

We only have a flavor, if you like stronger taste please brewing longer.

Coffee Bag's Brewing Way

1. Recommend to warm the cup first, in order not to affect the temperature of the coffee.

2. put the coffee bag into cup, pour 180c.c-200c.c hot water.

3. Recommend steep about 2-3 Min, the steeping time can be adjusted according to personal likes.

What Is Coffee Bag? Is Different Than Drip Bag Coffee?

Coffee bag is like tea bag, the brewing time could be longer. Drip bag coffee just for one time. 

About Nitrogen Filling Packaging

Why is the shelf life of drip bag coffee so long (18 months)?Each pack of drip coffee coffee is filled with nitrogen to keep the coffee fresh. The filter-type coffee that has been tested for nitrogen storage can be stored for up to 18 months with the same flavor.

How Much Is the Caffeine Content?

The caffeine content is indicated on the outer packaging. The amount of caffeine will vary depending on the time you brew! In addition, the caffeine content of "Decaf '" approaches zero, so it is displayed as 0 on the label. Each adult can drink about 1-3 cups per day (about 200cc per cup).

About Premium Coffee


According Gold Cup 1:15 . Suitable for pour over coffee, machine to make coffee.

Catamona using the latest nitrogen preservation technology. The shelf life is over one year.

We recommend to pour over coffee, is going to teat to better flavor.

Anytime Anywhere For Go Out

Designed by coffee bag. Is very easy In Anytime or At  Anywhere.

Also could make iced coffee.