Guatemala Washed


Guatemala in Central America is located in the golden belt that is most suitable for growing coffee. Because of its unique climate characteristics, changing terrain and volcanic geology, it is interwoven with amazing coffee flavors, and coffee has always been the most important export commodities of this country.

In the local area, most coffee plants are planted under the shade, although the coffee trees grow slowly under the shade of tall trees. As a result, the grown coffee beans have a solid structure, full sweetness, rich natural fruit acidity, and balanced mellowness. It also can reduce the deforestation of trees and achieve an ecological balance. Climate and planting techniques make the coffee produced here famous, but it also means that global climate change is hurting them more, and coffee farmers often face months of famine, production declines, incomes fall before the next harvesting season. The imbalance between supply and demand will cause the supply chain to disintegrate. Therefore, everyone should be part of the sustainable development plan to support organic farming and strive to improve the income and life of coffee farmers.

Flavor:Citrus / Raspberry / Walnut / Brown sugar / Butter / Cocoa