Taiwan Alishan Natural


There is a mountain called “Alishan” in Taiwan. In addition to the sacred wood, the climatic characteristics such as latitude, altitude, fog, sunshine, rainfall and temperature differences are suitable for coffee growth, and the famous “Alishan Coffee” is developed with excellent farming techniques. Alishan coffee is not like the sweet and molasses aroma of Central and South American coffee, it is also different from the richness of the African region. It has an unique Asian flavor, with citrus, fruit, and medium acidity, especially the unique tea fragrance that is not tasted elsewhere. In recent years, due to the prevalence of food safety and ecological care, Alishan coffee farmers began to implement organic farming, using organic fertilizers and forest litter to cultivate land fertility and spending a long time trying to study the characteristics of coffee trees to achieve non-spraying pesticides and maintain coffee tree.  During the process of time and money consuming, Alishan coffee tries to obtain certification to gain consumer trust. Although the production is small due to the narrow hinterland, but the quality is very good, Alishan coffee is positioned in a high quality speciality coffee. The diligent cultivation of the coffee farmer deserves of more cost and our substantial affirmation.  It also expresses our concern for the environment.
Flavor:Passion fruit / Berry / Brown sugar / Dark chocolate