Colombia Washed


Colombia in South America is full of hospitality of Latin nation, and passing through by the equator with rich landscapes, the biodiversity of the country is second in the world, humanities and nature are painted with fascinating colors, even the grown coffee is irrigated to be an irreplaceable flavor.  However, in recent years, the global coffee production has been threatened by climate change, insect pests, leaf rust, and the ecological catastrophe caused by the adjustment of planting technology to supply a large amount of coffee demand, all of these have exacerbated the crisis of coffee industry, therefore, many countries and organizations are pay great attention to sustainable farming, and the UTZ certification organization is one of them. UTZ requires that crops be grown in a way that requires better environmental care, a focus on better worker rights, the rights of next generation of labors, and pregnant women, and ensuring that every benefit is returned to farmers and the land of origin. From the aspects of health, ecology, fairness and care, we will form a good and sustainable supply chain. Although the road to recovery cannot be seen immediately, it still needs your support, now, let us start with a UTZ certified coffee at hand and working together for the planet.