Guatemala Washed


Guatemala, a world-famous coffee-producing country, used to be the location of the Maya civilization. Today, the ruins of the remaining cultural site it is widely visited by many. In addition to the development of human civilization, the creator's delicate ingenuity has exemplified one of the most beautiful birds in the world’s  hidden in jungle here: Quetzal.

Guatemala regards it as the national bird. The green ornate long tail feather depicted on the national flag is the most recognizable delicate feature of Quetzal. When it is flying, the phoenix-like posture gives it a mythological color, symbolizing preciousness and sacredness, of which played an important role in the period before the European colonists invaded the American civilization. But nowadays it has gradually become endangered due to hunting and the disappearance of the habitation within the tropical rain forests, and the number has been decreasing and it has been listed as endangered species.

Compare with other living creatures, human beings have higher intelligence and can make better use of the earth's resources. In addition to being used to taste coffee, this ability should be used to consider how to maintain a balance between self-interest and protecting the earth's ecology.

Flavor:Citrus / Raspberry / Walnut / Brown sugar / Butter / Cocoa