Yirgacheffe Natural


Yirgacheffe is a town in the midwest of Ethiopia, producing coffee with a unique citrus aroma that is popular with coffee lovers. In addition to the unique coffee variety, a strange monkey is also active on the Ethiopian plateau: Gelada Baboon.

Gelada Baboon is the only remaining member of the Gelada's genus. The fluffy hair and the red heart on the chest are very conspicuous. Although it looks fierce, it is the only herbivorous monkey in the world, and because it grows on the plateau, it is their strength to climb the trees and climb freely between the steep rock walls every day. They even sleep on the cliffs at night to avoid enemy attacks. Although the quantity is still safe, the number is decreasing due to human capture and habitat destruction.

The earth is beautiful is because there are abundant species. Human beings can taste coffee, and of course, they need to have the wisdom of civilization to protect the shared ecology.

Flavor:Apricot / Citrus / Berry / Brown sugar / Butter / Cocoa